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BOD Meeting, Monday, November 20, 2017, 7:00 pm at Seminole Community Church.

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Updated Mailbox Flyer
Posted on Wednesday, October 18 @ 07:59:54 (12 reads)
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Projects - Gates
Posted on Thursday, October 12 @ 17:46:10 (11 reads)
Announcements Residents of The Preserve at Astor Farms:

Over the next few weeks Astor Farms will be involved in a few projects at the entrance, projects that will require the gates to be left open. The first of these projects is expected to begin tomorrow (Oct 12) with the removal of the gates for needed repairs and a fresh powder coat. During the gates "down time", the gate posts will be reset, the inside round-about milled and repaved, shortly followed by the pavers and curbing outside the gate being replaced. All-in-all, the gates are expected to be open for at least three (3) weeks. Due to the equipment needed for each project, gate reinstallation will not occur until all other projects have been completed.

We will be working as efficiently as possible to coordinate each contractors' scheduling but there are too many variables to ensure that one contractor's last day is the day before the next contractor's start day. We will do the best we can in keeping you all informed on our progress. Your patience during these projects is appreciated.

Thank You.
Michael "Mickey" House, AMS®, LCAM
House of Management Enterprises
5756 S Semoran Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32822
Ofc 407-852-5300
Fax 407-852-5301
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Yard Sale
Posted on Saturday, September 30 @ 11:03:35 (22 reads)
Announcements Preserve at Astor Farms Community Yard Sale - October 21 and 22!
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Bears in Astor Farms
Posted on Monday, August 21 @ 17:38:20 (40 reads)

Hello Residents of Astor Farms, Sanford,

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Bear Management Program has noticed an increase in bear activity in your area. Please note that coexisting safely with Florida's black bears is possible if you follow some simple guidelines and educate yourselves about your "neigh-bears:"

"Now is the time to expect bears to show up looking for food," said Dave Telesco, who directs the FWC's Bear Management Program. "If they can't find food in your neighborhood, they'll move on."

While black bears generally are not aggressive, they have injured people in Florida. Never intentionally approach any bear. When walking dogs in bear country, keep them close to you—preferably on a non-retractable leash—and be aware of your surroundings. Dogs can trigger defensive behaviors from bears, especially females with cubs.

To keep bears away from your home and neighborhood, follow these simple tips:

* Secure garbage in a sturdy shed, garage or a bear-resistant container.

* Put household garbage out on morning of pickup rather than the night before.

* Feed pets indoors or bring in dishes after feeding.

* Keep garage doors closed so bears cannot access freezers or refrigerators, garbage, or pet food stored in the garage.

* Remove wildlife/bird feeders

* Encourage your homeowners' association or local government to institute bylaws or ordinances to require trash be kept secure from bears.

Having conflicts with bears? Call the FWC's regional office in Ocala at 352-732-1225. If you feel threatened by a bear or want to report someone who is either harming bears or intentionally feeding them, call the FWC's Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-FWCC (3922).

Your community is within Seminole County's Urban Bear Management Zone, so the county ordinance requires your garbage and other bear attractants be secured. You may find the Seminole County ordinance and answers to frequently asked questions through these links:

Here is an excerpt from the Seminole County website:

"What does this Ordinance require?

* The Ordinance requires refuse to be secured at all times except those days that refuse is picked up by trash haulers. On scheduled garbage pick-up dates, refuse is required to be secured in a trash can and cannot be moved from the secure area to the curb for pick-up until 5am (or after). Once emptied, trash containers are required to be moved back to the secure location as soon as possible (ideally, by 8pm).

* The Ordinance also requires that other bear attractants be secured. Attractants include: bird feeders, pet food, unclean grills, fruit trees, and other food items."

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