Another Entry Update
Date: Tuesday, January 23 @ 18:48:29
Topic: Announcements

To Astor Farms Residents:

Work on the entry pavers has been stalled today. Too much rain had fallen this morning and the base was too wet to manipulate. With a proper dry out, work will resume tomorrow and the contractor is still targeting completion by weeks’ end. Hmm. I remain cautiously optimistic.

Traffic control remains a problem. It seems that PAF residents are “mean.” There has been a mix of personnel directing traffic and demarcations (cones, tape, etc.) used during the beginning of this project, all of which were not well met-even the first day of the project. What I mean is that demarcations were run over and employees nearly hit. WOW! I’m sure it was no one getting these blasts, but c’mon man! In trying to get one particular resident to slow down, Cedric (the Owner/Contractor) was, not-so-politely, told how he could 'sexually assault' himself. Again…hmm. In short, not sure I have a fix for this.

As usual, more to come as actions/information warrants.

M. House
House of Management Enterprises

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